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Wamu youth Ministries carries out Medical Clinic in different remote areas of Uganda.

About 3,000 to 4,000 people are treated annually in our many make-medical clinics, HIV/Aids testing, healthy education, general medical services, sensitization and counseling.


Mission Team members partner with wamu youth ministries staff to bring fun-filled programs to children in rural villages. These mission programs teach children about health, art, motivational, talent nurturing and the value of never giving up in life.

We give resource to needy children like shoes, hygiene education and essential hygiene items like toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, reusable feminine hygiene kits and more.

Get involved!


You will visit your sponsored child at their school! You will use your career skills as a teacher, nurse, contractor, business leader, doctor, pastor, chef, and more, to be a part of impacting change - an experience you will never forget.

Missions are both fun and hard work! The payoffs in blessings make it worth all the effort. Your faith will be tested before and during the mission. God will use this to shape you. All He needs is a willing heart!

By utilizing your unique skills, you could help energize the ongoing work of Wamu youth ministries as we care for the needs of orphaned and at-risk children all across the most remote Ugandan villages.

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