Welcome to Wamu

We are a non-profit organization empowering African communities to improve the lives of children. 

Our programs help to identify the most vulnerable children and develop care plans for them. This care can vary from personal hygiene products to clothes and school supplies to medical care.

Our Mission is Simple.

Inspire.  Educate.

Develop Communities.

Wamu is composed of people with love to make the world a better place. Some have lost one or both parents, and life was once devastating famine and disease, but they came together under one umbrella, with one aim and goals in common. We exist to act as role models and represent all the children of Uganda demonstrating the potential of African children to become strong leaders for a better future in their land.

We not only wish to do this in Uganda, but we are to expand our horizon all over the world, impacting lives, transferring “One life at a Time”. We strongly believe the ability to change the world for better lies in our hands.   wamu

We are on a mission to inspire, rescue, educate, develop, and improve the lives of Uganda’s orphaned and most vulnerable children. 

We overcome the obstacles in their path by equipping them with the necessary skills to become productive and self-sustaining leaders in society. Our team is comprised of individuals with diverse academic and professional backgrounds brought together by the same purpose, to serve those in need by making the most with whatever resources we have.

We hope you will join our mission. 

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