Our Programs

In the slums of Africa, children live with the harsh realities of extreme poverty every day. Some who are a little often live with one parent who struggles constantly to find one meal a day and money for school fees, their homes are small shacks nestled tightly together with no running water, electricity or sanitation services. They live in neighborhoods afflicted by high unemployment, and extreme poverty, many around them have turned to alcohol and drug abuse as a way of escaping the pervading sense of hopeless. There are high rates of crime, prostitution and pornography is widely available. In this environment, parents struggle to raise their children. Most people don’t have access to clean water or basic healthcare, which leads to the proliferation of disease

Medical Clinics

We will also have pics of the medical team, their different stories and experience of serving in the medical clinics carried out by Wamu on this page as seen below. Wamu provides greatly needed healthcare services to the communities through mobile medical clinics to areas that would otherwise not receive it; this improves on the standards of living as a result of better overall health among the community people. Wamu youth ministries provides a number of medical programs and assistance in different communities in Uganda which are improving on the health of the locals.

Schools, Groups, Churches, and Organizations

Wamu youth Ministries encourages Schools, Groups, Churches, and Organizations to get involved. Depending on the size of your organization annual donation could be achieved by a simple sponsored event. Being a ‘Friend of the (WYM) Wamu Youth Ministries provides the opportunity to organize shared venues or workshops with other ‘Friends’ as well as meet and greet opportunities. You can follow the progress of WYM, their work in Africa, Uganda and the impact on the lives of the children.

Mental Health Counseling

In Uganda, mental health is recognized as a serious public health and development concern. A large percentage of the population has faced several predisposing factors like Traumatic events in armed conflicts, substance abuse, and domestic violence and neglected disorders. This has created an increased burden of mental illness with prevalence estimated at 35%. Wamu provides counseling sessions for women, children, youth as to help them overcome trauma, depression and anxiety associated with mental health.

Disability and Handicapped Assistance

The population statististis show that there is an increase in the rate of disability. It shows that one out of every 30 people has a disability. It has also been noted that this increase in disability is more rampant among children. Unfortunately, in so many cases these children become victims of isolation, bullying and some are even used in human sacrifice rituals. Wamu believes that disability is not inability, therefore it envisions in providing all the necessary assistance to people with disabilities. Such people especially in Uganda have been victimized and abandoned when it comes to providing jobs for them, and this can be evidenced with the overwhelming number of them becoming street beggars in Kampala city and this gives you a reflection of what’s happening all over the country.

Alchohol and Drug Rehabilitation

Uganda is ranked among the leading countries in alcohol consumption and this is connected to the historical challenges that some parts of the country have gone through. For example the war in northern Uganda which left many people with both, external and internal wounds. This requires a longer period of time and good rehabilitation services to have a proper healing, The organization works hand in hand with different healthy institutions. Clients receive other therapies such as cognitive therapy, whose goal is to correct wrong thought patterns and group therapy where clients share their experiences and learn from one another.

Community Outreach

Wamu Youth Ministries operates field programs that promote education, inspire, motivate and spiritual development for children and communities. We have established education and training programs in some of the war-torn and underdeveloped areas of Uganda, serving generations of young men and women who would otherwise be lost in the wake of destruction, famine, and poverty.